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Goetz is a knight! A real knight in... not so shining armor! When he is not laying siege upon the castles of the duke of Crimson Lands (that sleazy fellow), ambushing fat merchants or fighting for the king in glorious battles he can usually be found drinking with his men in the four legged fowl.

Yeh, life went well for old Götz but now pesky beaurocrats have convinced the king that canons, lance carrying jockels and peace amongst all duchies (PEACE?!) are the new hot thing in the kingdom. If Götz doesn't want to drift into insignificance he must act now!

Go on puzzling handcrafted adventures across medieval europe at the brink of the 15th century and fight for knighthood with all means neccessary to bring the king to reason.

Götz is a narrative multiplatform puzzle game available on iOS with Android following in the near future. Stay tuned for news


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Goetz is made by Sleepy Seed a small indie game developer from Berlin